Associate Member

Young Adults, Adults And Special Depositors

Membership Fee

Young Adults Savings/Held in Trust - Php 50.00

Adult Savings - Php 50.00

Initial Savings Deposit

Young Adults Savings - Php 50.00

Adult Savings - Php 100.00

Regular Member

  1. A Filipino citizen
  2. 18 to 64 years old
  3. Has an occupation or business
  4. Lives or works within NCR
  5. Attended the Pre-Membership Seminar
  6. Lifetime Membership Fee of Php 100.00
  7. Approved membership application by the Board of Directors
  8. Minimum Savings of P1,000.00
  9. Minimum Share Capital of P4,000.00
  10. Preferred Share Capital of P500.00
  11. Damayan Fund of P300.00

Additional Requirements


  1. Certificate of Employment
  2. 2 months latest payslip

Owns A Business

  1. DTI/SEC Certificate, Mayor's/Business Permit

PUJ/TNVS Operator

  1. CR & OR of vehicle
  2. Certificate of Public Conveyance/Franchise

Must be submitted with the membership application

  1. 2 pcs. ID Picture (1x1 and 2x2)
  2. Government-issued ID and TIN
  3. Barangay Clearance

Pre-Membership Seminars

(Cooperative Membership Seminar)

Wednesday and Friday

2:00 - 4:00 pm

Every Saturday

10:00 AM

*Special PMES as requested to EDCOM

Products & Services

Low-Interest Loans

Basic Loans

  • Productive
  • Provident
  • *Repayment Term - maximum of 48 Months

  • Back To Back/Secured Loan
  • *Repayment Term - maximum of 12 Months

  • Pangkabuhayan/Investment
  • Maximum of Php 2.0 Million Loanable Amount

    *Repayment Term - maximum of 48 Months

    On-Top Loans

  • Appliance
  • Educational
  • House Repair
  • Transport Repair
  • *Repayment Term - maximum of 12 months

  • Bridge Fund
  • Minimum Loan of Php 2,000.00 (1st cycle)

    *Repayment Term - maximum of 1 month

    Maximum Loan of Php 30,000.00

    *Repayment Term - maximum of 6 months

  • Gintong Butil Loan
  • Maximum Loan of Php 45,000.00

    *Repayment Term - maximum of 6 months

  • Business Opportunity Loan
  • Capacity-based loan (with business plan)

    Maximum Loan of Php 250,000.00

    *Repayment Term - maximum of 48 months

  • Memorial Loan
  • *Repayment Term - maximum of 12 months

    Special Loans

  • Credit Line
  • *Repayment Term - maximum of 48 Months

  • Construction Loan/Housing Loan
  • *Repayment Term - maximum of 120 Months

    High Interest On Deposits

    Savings Deposit

    higher by .15% from banks (computed quarterly)

    Time Deposit

    depending on the amount and term

    Community Benefits & Services

    Group Yearly Renewable Term Insurance (GYRT) and Pondong Damayan

  • Donating and helping families of deceased members
  • The maximum benefit amount for GYRT is Php 40,000.00
  • The maximum benefit amount for Damayan depends on length of membership with the fund
  • Loan Protection Plan Insurance (LPPI)

    All loans are insured with SHPCC’s accredited insurance providers to protect the member and his family in case of death of insured/member.

    Taunang Medical Mission

    Provides free medical, dental and optical check-ups for all members Including all residents within the cooperative’s area of ​operation. It is held on the Anniversary month of the cooperative and on other important occasions. This is in collaboration with some professional members and the Local Government Units.

    Scholarship Assistance

    For qualified members or their children who want to study in college, technical or vocational courses at any state universities or colleges.

    On-The-Job Training (OJT)

    The cooperative welcomes students who wish to serve as trainees to expand and hone their office skills and introduce them to the cooperative movement.

    The information on this page is intended to be accurate and up-to-date, but may be subject to change or revision.