Image of Ms. Princess Erika

Ms. Princess Erika

4 years part of the SHPCC Family as a scholar.

Princess Erika is currently an associate member and a scholar of the Sacred Heart Parish Credit Cooperative for four years. SHPCC became part of her family as it played a huge role in supporting her in her studies. She was given the opportunity to be a scholar and a job to help serve the community around her. Before the pandemic, the cooperative provided Princess allowances in buying essential school supplies such as buying notebooks, paper, and other important school supplies. Princess was also able to save up some money through her membership in the SHPCC. She also encourages the youth in the cooperative to save money and deposit any amount as there is no required minimum amount. 

Thanks to the Sacred Heart Parish Credit Cooperative, she was also able to develop her accounting managerial skills through role as accounting manager such as bookkeeping, journalizing, and even sorting through the different accounts. Princess shared how SHPCC is preparing her for the real world as she is able to experience the dynamics of a working environment interacting with the community and with her colleagues.

With her being part of the cooperative throughout her education endeavor, she is constantly inviting the youth to apply for membership by sharing her experiences and the success story of how it has helped her develop important skills in her life. She seeks to make it a mission that SHPCC will always be ready to lend a helping hand to their community.

When it comes to being a scholar and a trusted member, Magielyn will always choose SHPCC.

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