Image of Mrs. Magielyn

Mrs. Magielyn

18 years part of the SHPCC family.

Magielyn owns a medium ukay-ukay store where she sells well-loved secondhand clothes and other items. Magielyn considers SHPCC as part of their family as they have helped her provide for her family significantly. She also loves how at SHPCC, they are willing to listen to your request and how they treat you as part of a family rather than simply being a client. They view every member as a co-owner of the cooperative where each member can provide their ideas, suggestions, and comments. Moreover, Magielyn is thankful that SHPCC is always available to lend a helping hand especially when she had to borrow a loan to purchase a bale of clothes during the Christmas season for her business. 

Thanks to the Sacred Heart Parish Credit Cooperative, Magielyn’s business continued to grow, and she was able to provide a better life for her children. Her children were also able to attend school regularly, and they started to excel in their studies. Magielyn is grateful for the support she received from the credit cooperative. The cooperative did not only provide her with financial assistance but also helped her improve her financial management skills through their training programs. With the knowledge and support she received from the cooperative, Magielyn was able to be part of the SHPCC’s Board of Directors after years of being invited to be part of their growing team.

With her family being part of the cooperative for a long time, she is constantly inviting non-members to apply for membership by sharing her experiences and the success story of how it has helped them in their life. She seeks to make it a mission that SHPCC will always be ready to lend a helping hand to their community.

When it comes to her business capital, family assistance, and educational fund, Magielyn will always choose SHPCC.

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