Image of Mrs. Lorna

Mrs. Lorna

14 years part of the SHPCC family.

Lorna owns a small sari-sari store where she sells everyday household items to the community. She also has a computer for people to rent if they wish so. Lorna considers SHPCC as part of her family and has helped them in every way possible. With the help of SHPCC, Lorna was able to send two of her children to school and into college where they were able to attain their bachelor’s degrees. Not only that, the Sacred Heart Parish Credit Cooperative provided generous loans in order to lend a helping hand to her small business. When Lorna needs capital for her business, the cooperative was always available to process and swiftly release loans to her. 

She encourages her entire family and even all of her friends to join the credit cooperative as it has been lending a helping hand to everyone in the community. In the cooperative, Lorna loves that they treat you as a co-owner. Every request, suggestion, or comment is heard and considered at every meeting. Thanks to the Sacred Heart Parish Credit Cooperative, she was also able to develop her financial management skills through the offered financial seminars and other programs provided by SHPCC. 

With Sacred Heart Parish Credit Cooperative being a part of her family for a long time, Lorna will always choose SHPCC.

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