Image of Mrs. Bebian

Mrs. Bebian

23 years part of the SHPCC family.

Bebian owns a small sari-sari store where she sells different kinds of goods like snacks and viands. She considers SHPCC part of her family because it has significantly contributed to every step of their life. They didn’t only help her in life but also her family. One of her daughters has already finished her degree in radiology and is currently working in Lourdes Hospital. She also supports her family by buying their daily necessities like food and medicine. When she is short on cash, she avails the cooperative’s financial services like the Gintong Butil Loan, Bridge Fund, and Educational Loan amongst others. Their family home back in the province was also built with the help of the housing loan. 

Others have tried to persuade her to try other lending services that offer other benefits. However, she wouldn’t look elsewhere for the loan because she has affirmed her loyalty to the cooperative that has supported her faithfully. Whenever she needs capital for her small business, she immediately applies for a bridge fund that will be granted within the day. They aren’t as strict with the requirements compared to other institutions.

She encourages her fellow members who are also business owners to patronize the cooperative’s services and pay their dues. Moreover, she urges non-members to apply for membership by sharing her experiences and how it has helped her. She tells them that when they become a member, they have access to all the financial services offered by the cooperative.

She loves the cooperative and credits all their milestones to it. Whenever she goes to the office, all her stress just melts away and she feels very cheerful. She prays that the cooperative will prosper more and increase its members.

When it comes to her business capital, family assistance, and educational fund, she will always choose SHPCC.

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